Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Families, staff deserve better

I am the grandmother of two Bennett Center “alumni” and I’ve been watching the developments of this past week with shock and anguish.

The administration and staff have built such an outstanding school and children’s center, one that I could rarely find elsewhere in this country.

The center and its staff should be treasured and supported because they bring great prestige to Penn State at a time when it needs to be seen as concerned for the welfare of children.

And the staff, instead of getting such support, is losing status and compensation that belie its contribution in making the school such a leader and model in the field.

This is just what a school attached to a university should be. What a put-down to caring, capable and hard-working people!

The the families and staff were not brought into the decision-making process, which was opaque.

The only reason I can imagine for this departmental action and the manner in which it was made is to save money at the expense of the children, the program and the very devoted staff.

How short-sighted of an institution supposedly dedicated to education and to educational excellence.

Alita Letwin

Brooklyn, N.Y.