Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Why not just admit it?

The Penn State board of trustees continues to try to spin-doctor its way out of public-relations fiascos.

It appears that the board realizes that the Freeh report’s conclusions lack sound evidence.

In a recent interview, board President Keith Masser said of the report: “We didn’t ask for the conclusions. We got them. ... We are trying to bifurcate the conclusions from the recommendations. Let the court decide on the conclusions. It’s not our role as a board.”

But the November 2011 letter of engagement between Freeh, Sporkin & Sullivan and Penn State makes it clear that the bard did ask for the conclusions.

The letter states that the report would contain Freeh’s findings concerning failures that occurred in the reporting process; the cause for those failures; who had knowledge of the allegations of sexual abuse; and how those allegations were handled by the trustees, administrators, coaches and other staff.

“FSS’s report,” the letter states, “also will provide recommendations to the Task Force and Trustees for actions to be taken to attempt to ensure that those and similar failures do not occur again.”

The board keeps delaying the inevitable.

Sooner or later, it will admit that the Freeh report is flawed.

Why not now?

The board reminds me of the Kremlin during the Cold War. The Soviet Union could not stall justice forever and neither can the trustees.

Masser should tear down this stall.

Dave Ketchen

Opelika, Ala.