Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | It’s more than transparency

I find it hard to swallow the flawed logic of the CDT’s defense of the university’s decision to privately manage child care centers at Penn State (“Bennett Center debate is not about transpacency,” Wednesday).

The hyperbole is glaring: “We don’t think the university should be expected to seek public approval for every decision that comes along.”

The University’s published policy regarding child care encourages consultation with parents in planning and evaluating services. President Rodney Erickson promises to “reinforce to the entire Penn State community the moral imperative of doing the right thing.”

Thus, transparency alone is not what moved 200 parents and children to demonstrate outside of Old Main on the morning of a flood watch.

Fair compensation and child safety are what moved me to oppose privatizing the child care centers, which, under the university’s management, were selling points for faculty considering job offers.

Rather than finding the recent decision “refreshing,” I find it counterproductive to our land-grant mission to serve the people of the commonwealth.

The decision signals a retreat from the university’s strategic goals of advancing excellence while maintaining access.

There is still time to right the course.

Michelle Rodino-Colocino

State College