Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | A positive change

Hildebrandt Learning Centers is a company that is dedicated to high-quality early-education programs with an emphasis on building strong, secure relationships with children, families and staff

The sincerity of Bill Grant and his company to do what is right for children and families is widely respected by thousands of families, staff and businesses throughout Pennsylvania.

Any changes made as a result of the new management of the Bennett Family Center do not have to have a negative impact on the quality of care for children.

It was reported that families are concerned about possible staff turnover. While it is true high staff turnover affects children, research shows that children are affected by their experiences. How children handle any change is directly related to how they have learned to cope with change by watching others, primarily adults, deal with change.

How staff and families of the Bennett Center cope with change will directly affect the children.

Change must be handled with an open mind, dignity and respect for others.

Hildebrandt is a company founded on principles of quality for children and its management has demonstrated that commitment for more than 20 years.

Rose Snyder


The writer is director of member and affiliate relations for the Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children.