Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Decision affects all

Penn State’s proposal to transfer management of the Bennett Family Center to Hildebrandt Learning Centers hurts the entire community on many levels

The employees of the Bennett Center and Hort Woods would be hurt because their benefits would be slashed.

Teachers wanting health insurance for themselves and their families would have to contribute $898 a month to a plan with less coverage than the current Penn State plan.

This amounts to a drastic reduction in take-home pay.

We certainly cannot blame these teachers if they look for employment elsewhere under these circumstances.

This is where the university’s plan is shortsighted and hurts even more members of our community.

Turnover hurts children enrolled at the centers, who need stability in caregiving. It also hurts Penn State’s recruitment and retention efforts.

If parents discover that the on-campus child-care centers have high turnover, they may be less likely to accept or remain in their positions.

When Penn State fails to attract and keep good employees, the whole community loses — from students and academic departments to the private businesses that serve them.

Penn State has long thought of itself as doing things differently and better than other universities, “the Penn State way.”

Administrators can live up to that ideal if they reject this plan and make every Bennett and Hort Woods staff member an employee of Penn State.

Ariana Mikulski

State College