Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | It’s not too late ... yet

It doesn’t take a degree in climatology to know that increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants are introduced into the atmosphere the more we disrupt the delicate mechanisms of our climate.

It is also common sense that the more we continue to pollute, the less healthy our world becomes.

We know our responsibility; we know we must act now as we are nearing the tipping point of global warming.

President Barack Obama laid out his plan to meet the challenges of growing climate change.

He is the first president to begin the process of breaking our dependence fossil fuels. His plan calls for reduction of pollution from existing power plants and the restriction of pollution from future plants. It also encourages alternative, cleaner, healthier energy sources.

We need to rally behind the president and his plan and continue at every level possible to convince those who have the power and ability to protect the Earth, to do their part to lessen global warming.

I remember a childhood when the summers were less hot and stagnant and when the weather changes seemed less severe, and I wish for all to be able to live in a world that is a healthy place.

It is imperative that we act now. The more chronic our denial to actively take steps to help solve this crisis the more monumental the task becomes to reverse the damage.

Let’s take action now, while we still can.

Deborah Escalet

State College