Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Deserving of second chance

I am a friend of Doris Conner and her family. There is more to her than this colossal mistake that she acknowledges.

Conner is a wonderful wife and mother; she is also a talented, intelligent, capable, generous, compassionate, hard-working young woman who has never been in any kind of trouble.

I am grateful that, as friends, she and her husband have transported me to the doctor after cataract surgery, brought meals and called in to make sure that I was OK.

I am sure other members of our community have experienced the kindness of the Conner family.

Unquestionably, Conner must repay what she owes to the United Way. She also deserves a second chance in life.

This is what I have always been taught. Please join in helping Conner move forward as a contributing member of our Centre County community.

Do not cast the first stone. I’m sure we will be better for it.

Maria A. Sweet

State College