Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Emeritus proposal is insulting

The CDT reported Friday that the Penn State board of trustees was considering emeritus status for Anne Riley and David Jones.

I find it incomprehensible that this would be considered, especially after the alumni overwhelmingly voted Riley off the board and Jones decided not to run knowing he would also be voted off the board.

This ranks right up there with the decision to grant the same status to Jerry Sandusky.

There certainly can be no doubt what the alumni’s wishes are in this proposal. To suggest that these two people should be honored for their service before Joe Paterno is just plain wrong and a slap in the face to alumni everywhere.

The board should repudiate the Freeh report and stand up and admit it handled this crisis wrong from the beginning.

The current “leadership” continues to underestimate and to show complete disregard for the alumni and to throw roadblocks in the way of resolving the damage done to Penn State by their actions since November 2011.

Keith Eckel, Keith Masser and James Broadhurst must resign before there can be any meaningful “moving on.”

Terry Stambaugh

State College