Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | We are ... One Team

We all need to come together to face the huge challenges before us as One Team.

We urge all Penn Staters to let our agreement on the best outcomes for Penn State unite us rather than letting our differences in how we solve our problems divide us.

The board of trustees, alumni and alumni groups, football lettermen, students and faculty must come together for Penn State to heal, recover and thrive.

As candidates for vice chairman of the board, we expressed respect and trust for each other and have pledged to work with each other to address Penn State’s challenges in the future. We find ourselves agreeing with each other more than disagreeing.

Frankly, if we agreed all the time, there would be no need for both of us to serve on the board. Respectful discourse is the key to finding creative solutions to the challenges we face.

Ryan McCombie and Paul Silvis

State College

The writers are members of the Penn State board of trustees.