Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Sequester the politicians

Sequester means we are going to sequester until we solve something.

During this time of sequester, is anybody getting paid? What’s really going on and who’s making the most out of this and why do we have to have one in the first place?

What’s really go on? Do any of you know out there? And if you know, can you enlighten the rest of us?

It seems politicians don’t mind sequestering if they’re getting paid. They don’t mind doing much of anything as long as they are getting paid.

When they talk about cutting the budget it has nothing to do with their salary.

I’m looking for the politician out there who is willing to say, “I’m a believer in cutting wasteful spending so, you know what, let’s cut the waste in Congress by cutting our salaries.”

Don’t you think those who really want to solve this problem can do without all this political smoke-and-mirrors game?

What does sequester mean to you, and do you have solutions to it? Because it certainly seems that our politicians don’t.

John A. DeBartola