Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Zimmerman plain and simple: self-defense

Perhaps a little dose of reality is needed for those reacting to the George Zimmerman verdict with emotion rather than facts.

Yes, it’s a tragedy that a young man was killed.

However, it’s a fact that young men of a certain race wearing a certain kind of clothing were committing crimes in a gated community. Residents were concerned enough to form a neighborhood watch group.

It’s not unreasonable that a watch volunteer, upon seeing a person who matched the description of the troublemakers walking slowly and looking around on a rainy night, might be suspicious.

It’s been conveniently painted as the dreaded profiling, when in reality it was just common sense.

Zimmerman was not ordered by police not to follow the suspect. He was told, “We don’t need you to do that.” There is a difference. It’s common for police or dispatchers to say something like this to caution callers of potential danger.

There was no evidence that Zimmerman intended to shoot somebody until he was sustaining a terrible beating from a young man who was taller and probably stronger than him.

If it was dark outside and somebody bigger than you was on top and trying to beat your brains out, could you determine that he was only 17 years old? The correct answer is no.

What Trayvon Martin was doing to Zimmerman was deadly force. The police got it right in their initial investigation.

Alan Scott