Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Labor unions are a drain

It is no surprise that Detroit is bankrupt.

Many knew it was coming and, sadly, did little until disaster struck. Rumor has it that many other cities have similar problems.

Much of it revolves around lack of funding for pensions and health benefits.

First of all, most people don’t have guaranteed pensions other than Social Security, so why should only a select group of mostly unionized workers get them? Aren’t we a society that appreciates equality?

Eliminating labor unions needs to be a high priority to prevent city and state bankruptcies, to slow down the robbing of taxpayers, ruining corporations with unrealistic wages and placing all of us in the same boat depending on our own saving and investing and 401(k)s.

As for health benefits, consider why health care is so expensive.

It is largely due to people having health insurance. The only way, ultimately, to force down the cost of medical care is to eliminate most insurance and go back to paying reasonably in cash.

This would pull the rug out from the system, which should have been done years ago.

James Steamer

State College