Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Trustees should dismiss Freeh findings

After a year there is not one published report that supports the Freeh report’s findings. There are more than 10 by credible people who have found the report isn’t credible in the least or is severely flawed.

The Penn State board of trustees knows it’s not credible or the members have their heads in the sand. This is the one document that most Americans outside of Pennsylvania and the groups still engaged believe is the truth. The board should discredit this report as that would have a huge impact on the settlements and Penn State’s national reputation.

The board should also say no one should have relied on it, especially the NCAA.

The Freeh report is not credible and to keep supporting it is despicable. The trustees should be telling the country that the report failed miserably to find the truth.

Trustees can’t dare say they love Penn State and want what’s best for Penn State as long as they refuse to say what they already know about the Freeh report.

The trustees threw more than $8 million down a rat hole. Now they should do something to correct the damage done to Penn State and hundreds of innocent people who their cowardly actions continue to hurt.

Bill Porter