Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Free speech or felony?

Let me see if I’ve got this right?

If you say something disrespectful about the Prophet Mohammad, Attorney General Eric Holder wants to make that a felony. If you say something disrespectful, about God, Jesus, or other religions that is OK and is considered a free-speech issue.

If a black shoots a white, it is a shooting. If a white shoots a black in self-defense, it is a hate crime and racial discrimination.

The FBI failed to follow through on the tips from the Russians regarding the Boston Marathon bombers; however, the FBI investigated 501(c)(3) applicants that had the words patriot, freedom or constitution in their applications to the IRS.

If you refuse to fill an order for a cake for a same-sex marriage you can be prosecuted or at minimum have a discrimination lawsuit filed against you.

It is estimated that 40 percent of the “undocumented aliens” in this country came in “legally” via visas, overstayed and now are “undocumented,” but we need to give them amnesty to determine where they are but are willing to do amnesty by the honor system, while $17 trillion in federal debt should be of no concern per leading Democrats and the mainstream media.

President Obama says the “Affordable Care Act” was a bipartisan effort even though zero Republicans in the Senate and House voted for the act, however the Republicans are blamed for the law’s unpopularity.

Thus this is the “fundamental transformation” we were promised five years ago.

Joe Boston

State College