Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | No we won’t forget, Joe

Here are the exact words Joe Paterno said to a grand jury when asked what Mike McQueary told him he saw: “He (Jerry Sandusky) was doing something with the youngster. It was a sexual nature … I knew some kind of inappropriate action was being taken by Jerry Sandusky with a youngster. It was a sexual nature … (McQueary) was very upset.”

Paterno told McQueary that he would handle it from here.

Hey, what did Sue Paterno mean in the Katie Couric interview (on her “love JoePa tour”) when she said: “We were all totally unaware”?

Paterno, the most powerful man in town, had the chance — some say responsibility (I’m being sarcastic here) — to rescue the most powerless boys in town. Don’t worry, when the public gets wind of monstrosities perpetrated over a decade, Paterno offers up some quick prayers while he plays to the crowd.

Remember the black man who helped rescue the women from Cleveland’s “house of horrors”? Paterno couldn’t be bothered. What a tough guy JoePa was; such a hero.

And, to the many “good” people of State College who never bothered to read the grand jury report: Now you’re busy affixing your JVP bumper sticker to your car.

Talk about a celebrity culture. Victory with honor? I invite you to leave the cult and examine the facts with fresh eyes. Read the grand jury report. It’s a heart-breaker.

Rebecca Parks, Patton Township