Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Eye on the government

My wife and I wish to commend the Centre Daily Times for publishing Roll Call (Opinion page Mondays), which indicates how our elected Congressmen and Senators vote on important issues of the day.

It is a great eye-opener! We are utterly amazed at the lack of depth and breadth of understanding in areas such as fracking, poverty, health issues, voting restrictions and the attachment of unrelated issues, often without prior discussion, to bills. If we are not careful as a nation, we will repeat the past.

We all need to be aware of just who writes many of the bills before Congress. So often, it is ALEC, a non-governmental group pushing its own agenda. Maybe we should read and re-read the address given by President Lyndon Johnson to Congress at the height of the civil rights era and at the time of the march for voting rights for all people.

In a like manner, we need to know what state government is doing in the shadows of Harrisburg. Maybe we need a Roll Call for the state. We surely do not want to deny any of our citizens the right to cast a ballot.

Bold, brave newsmen and women are essential, more than ever.

John Marlyn Rimert, Pleasant Gap