Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Put me in, coach

Assaults are the result of a breakdown of security, communication and the lack of following prison protocol.

The young woman who was brutally attacked is one example of the dangers that corrections employees face.

Many days at the Rockview state prison, a lack of proper staffing prevents proper staff coverage. That day was one without proper staff coverage.

The “campus director” is under fire from many sides. Whether she is under fire from Harrisburg remains to be seen.

I used to tell fellow officers to watch where they walk — because Rockview has swept so much dirt under the carpet, they may just trip if they’re not careful.

With Rep. Kerry Benninghoff’s help, that carpet may finally be lifted and shaken briskly in the mighty winds that blow through the streets of the city known as Rockview.

Sadly, it took a young woman’s near-death experience to shine a big, bright tower light on the ineffectiveness of prison administrators who are in the game more so to promote their own careers when they should have their heads in the game, calling the plays, watching so their employees don’t get blindsided by an all-out inmate blitz.

If the state does not come to terms with Rockview and its out-of-touch administration — well, game over. Many will pay the price for the mistakes made by their “coaching staff,” which has never even read the playbook.

Brian Baney