Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Centre Crest is not a business

The public and nonprofit board was quickly formed and Complete HealthCare Resources hired to manage Centre Crest. Cathy Otto, their chief operating officer, says she will try to increase profits and move more people into the home at higher quality care.”

This business model was what the county commissioners aimed for. But is this the best model for Centre Crest?

Commissioner Chris Exarchos has said the county should not “be in the business of running a nursing home.”

Actually, the home was not a business at all. It was a public trust by which society pledged to care for its poorer elderly, much as it cares for the young in schools and provides roads for business traffic.

I continue to think business profits are not at all the best way to measure this. It requires a deeper, more thorough compassion. It requires the moral bond by which the generations face each other.

Money is at best an index of this. At worst it will corrupt it to the core.

Nonetheless, I wish the new board and management well.

John H. Harris

State College