Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Grange Fair ‘family tradition’ taken away

A family tradition for over 12 years has come to an end. Not by the family’s choice but by the committee with no written procedures or policies on obtaining a tenting/camping spot and keep this spot with family.

After 12 years of sharing, paying (“renting”) and staying in a Grange Fair tent with a family member, our family was pushed out after the death of our family member earlier this year for untold reasons. To the family’s dismay, the only reason given was “we, the fair, own this land and we can do what we want with it.”

There are no guarantees that anyone has a spot from year to year. When a family has been listed on the rented spot and paid for the rented spot for over 12 years, you would never expect to be pushed out from a “family tradition,” as we have.

A review letter was written and accepted by the committee for an appeal, but again we were declined.

If you or your family has a spot for camping at this event, please always remember you are not guaranteed this. It is a privilege.

Bonnie Auman