Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Censorship alive and well at Penn State

A world-class university should allow the free exchange of ideas. That is quite obvious.

However, a recent exchange of comments on a Penn State Listserv was censored by the administration.

The discussion was about the much-hated “wellness” program being forced upon faculty and staff. This is a program that collects data on all employees, for a purpose no one is sure of yet. And they have not assured us that this data will be secure.

Penn State spends almost $100 million a year on IT services, so why did they have to hire WebMD to collect and store the data?

The administration should look for cost savings in Old Main, not on the backs of its employees. Spending is out of control (thanks largely to Graham Spanier), and it is too often not helping education or research.

Lyle Long

Centre Hall