Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Don’t look to government

It’s great to see there is keen local interest in restoring Bellefonte’s historic Garman Theatre, severely damage by fire.

In reading Saturday’s CDT story, possible financing sources included government funding. “Grants are an easy way to raise money because you don’t have to pay them back,” said Nancy Noll of the historical association.

I’m sure a local state representative, Congressman or U.S. Senator would eagerly want to be pictured presenting a state or federal grant check to aid in rebuilding the Garman, but can government afford it? With state budgets being strained, our highways and bridges in extreme disrepair, more citizens wanting welfare-disability aid and the federal government’s borrowing and never-ending raising of the debt ceiling, should government be looked upon as a funding source?

When will taxpayers understand that $100,000 here, $1 million there, as was recently granted to Bellefonte airport for new lighting less than 10 miles from University Park Airport, or $1 billion each a year in foreign aid to countries such as Egypt and Pakistan, that hate the United States -- that spending needs to be controlled? If government would fiscally act responsibly, the political strains seen at local, state and federal levels would be far less.

Dave Schellberg

Port Matilda