Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Tell IDA to save Garman

The Judge gave the Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Assocation two more weeks to pursuade the Industrial Development Authority that they can and will save the Garman Theatre. BHCA has a plan and donations of money have been pouring in over the past 6 weeks (that's all the time they were given) and this has been told to the IDA over and over again. But the BHCA has 2 more weeks to tell them again.

Bellefonte citizens must call, write or stop in and talk with the IDA members and tell them what they want to see happen. BHCA has received many donations from citizens. Many citizens have signed their petition in the past week. But, the IDA doesn’t seem to believe BHCA. Google Bellefonte Boro Council, Pennsylvania and you will find the names of the IDA members under committees. There are five of them. They are the ones who have the power to ruin Bellefonte forever.

The Concervatorship was for six months. That time is expired the end of August. It is my prayer that the IDA will make the decision to hand the concervatorship over to BHCA. They will save the Garman for the benefit of our historical architecture and community.

JoAnn L. Knupp


The writer is past president of thr Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Assocation.