Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Freeh ‘discovery’ claim dubious

At the recent preliminary hearings for Messrs. Schultz, Curley and Spanier, two witnesses testified about their involvement in locating and providing to the state attorney general’s office with the now-famous e-mail evidence and handwritten notes which Louis Freeh cited as the “most important evidence” found in his investigation of Penn State. Mr. Freeh went on to state that his team made “independent discovery” of the emails and Schultz file.

But based on the testimonies of John Corro and Kimberly Belcher, it is now clear that Freeh and his team discovered absolutely nothing, that these documents were willingly turned over and simply handed to Freeh team investigators. Freeh has already called at least four former Penn State employees liars, but surely even he can’t make the case that the university is staffed with nothing but people who lie. That’d be a stretch even for him!

It’s time for the Penn State Board of Trustees and Freeh to stop filibustering. This is just one more example of inaccuracies (I’ll be kinder than Freeh and not say lies), biased work and misinformation that has been fed to the public at large.

We’ve had enough. It’s time for Louis Freeh to face the Penn State community and respond to the many questions we have. He promised to do so on July 12, 2012. Mr. Freeh, it’s time to pony up and keep your promise.

As for the board, we are not going away. Please put the “trust” back in trustee and invite Louis Freeh to explain these discrepancies.

Linda Berkland

Marysville, Ohio