Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Sick of the wellness program

I am joining the chorus of complaints about Penn State’s new “wellness” program.

As a spouse of an employee, I do not have to submit to the “biometric screening,” but I do have to have a physical and submit my personal health information through WebMD.

This is an intrusion on my privacy, but my real objection is that nothing about this process will improve my health. I see my doctor at regular intervals, and if I needed additional testing, he would have ordered it.

I do understand that Penn State is looking for a way to save money on health insurance, but a better approach would be to offer the $100 premium savings to those who see their doctors regularly, which can be verified by the insurance company quite easily.

The rest of this — the questionnaire, the required reporting of numbers on certain tests — is quite simply a waste of time and money, as it is duplicating what any physician does in the office.

I wonder how much Penn State has paid for the “health screening” examinations it requested of its employees or how much it is paying WebMD for archiving our information (with questionable confidentiality). I suspect that the net result actually will be higher costs, as individuals may need follow-up appointments with physicians to explain the test numbers generated in the biometric screening appointments.

What a waste of time, money and good will.

Judy Zarit, State College