Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Say no to Sandusky appeal

The curtain will rise on the theater of the absurd if and when Jerry Sandusky makes an appearance to argue for resumption of his $4,900 a month Penn State pension.

I consider the prospect of providing a generous lifelong pension to Sandusky to be comparable to the ludicrous payment of $300,000 in wages to the admitted killer who gunned down innocent victims at Fort Hood, Texas.

Not content to get off the stage even after being convicted and his prison sentence upheld, serial rapist Sandusky thrusts himself into the public eye again to plead for common sense, basic decency and the law to be set aside, for the pension system in which he participated to permit him and his family to garner even greater riches, to benefit from the notorious crime spree that shattered so many innocent lives.

It would be reasonable to ask how any attorney can present such a case on Sandusky’s behalf with a straight face, but I remind myself that we live in a country in which even the most loathsome creatures are entitled to competent representation.

Let us hope that quick work is made of this ridiculous appeal and that we hear as little as possible about Jerry Sandusky in the years to come. The focus should and must be on his many victims as they attempt to rebuild their lives.

Oren Spiegler, Upper St. Clair