Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Pharmacists play key role

I enjoyed Sue Trainor’s Healthbreak column about diabetes in the Aug. 12 CDT. I was sorry to see, though, that pharmacists were not included in her team of health care professionals.

Whene I was employed in the pharmacy at Mount Nittany Medical Center, I saw firsthand how closely the pharmacists and pharmacy assistants worked with Dr. Jan Ulbrecht, staff nurses and all the other professionals, consulting with them and the patients.

Pharmacists in the retail scene constantly are doing the same: teaching patients on a one-to-one basis how to use blood-testing equipment and supplies and using oral and injectible medications.

Pharmacists continue to follow up, monitor and talk with the patients, making sure things are going well. Retail pharmacists are there each and every day in the stores and in their communities ready to help literally at a moment’s notice.

Don’t forget your pharmacist. We don’t just count and pour.

Bruce D. Johnston, Houserville

The writer is a pharmacist.