Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Bravo for ‘The Music Man’

A standing ovation goes to everyone at the State College Community Theatre, who obviously worked so hard to present “The Music Man” with talent, passion, joy and good humor.

With genuine and charming acting as a backdrop, the singing and dancing of the entire cast was top notch and, while mostly lighthearted, there are some very challenging numbers here.

Matt Greer as Harold Hill and Ashley Moore as Marian Paroo were particular standouts on all three counts, touchingly creating the romantic tension necessary for their characters’ relationship to seem real.

Mercer Bristow and Priscilla McFerren were scene-stealers every time they were onstage. Bristow’s portrayal channeled a slightly tipsy Richard Nixon, perfect for the clueless, blustering Mayor. McFerren, as his slightly more aware wife intent on upholding community standards, was the ideal match.

Finally, Jonathan Smith is a star in the making. His stage presence as the misunderstood Tommy Djilas was unmistakable, and his dancing was Broadway-worthy.

With one weekend of performances to go at Mount Nittany Middle School, I wholeheartedly recommend this production of “The Music Man” to everyone from fellow fans of musicals to families looking for an afternoon or evening of wholesome and fun entertainment.


D.J. Lilly, Bellefonte