Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Regional theater good for all

My family has lived in Bellefonte for 10 years; our daughter attends Bellefonte Elementary School. We moved here because the town is beautiful, historic and affordable. It has good schools and a strong community eager to contribute to Bellefonte’s downtown revitalization.

The Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association is a volunteer group of residents who have been working to save the historic Garman Theatre from demolition and restore it as a regional arts center. Such centers attract visitors and increase revenue for businesses.

An arts center is also good for Centre County residents. It can offer educational programs for all ages, a venue for music and performance and studio space for artists. It can offer after-school activities for kids — from classes to family-friendly films and plays. It can provide evening entertainment for adults.

A Bellefonte regional arts center would build on the existing strengths of Centre County, providing a downtown space for exciting new growth. It is time to unite as a community to build something that will benefit us all, young and old.

The BHCA cannot do it alone. We ask county residents to help us bring this plan to fruition. We ask our elected officials to support the interests of its tax-paying citizens. Help us build this. Join our effort to make Centre County an even greater place to live.

Jonathan Eburne, Bellefonte