Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | GOP stance is anti-liberty

In response to Chip Minemeyer’s Aug. 4 column describing the Republican reaction to Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s refusal to defend the state’s ban on marriage equality: Although I agree with the AG’s stance on marriage equality, it is not why I see her stance as correct and astute.

If we all looked to the recent Supreme Court decision declaring the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, we would see this is an AG taking her cues from the highest court in the land.

In other words, she is doing her homework, doing her job and representing her conscience.

Yes, she is sworn to uphold the Pennsylvania Constitution, but our constitution cannot be in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

GOP complainers fail to see (or maybe they are being purposeful) that their stance is anti-liberty, anti-family and anti-voter. For all the Righties’ talk of removing government from our lives, they love to shove some government right into our lives if our lifestyle offends them.

Furthermore, the GOP stance attacking marriage equality is contrary to the First Amendment.

As a duly ordained minister whose denomination honors same-sex marriage, my church is being unduly burdened by GOP attacks on our faith, our beliefs and our ministers.

In the end, are we really that surprised by their reactions and their small-mindedness?

I, unfortunately, am not.

Herb Weisman, Johnstown