Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Conflicts abound

On May 30, 21 individuals with varied affiliations at Penn State filed a lawsuit against the NCAA as a response to harsh sanctions levied against the university.

These individuals have legitimate and personal complaints against the NCAA.

Nine of the plaintiffs in this suit are former football players. These men do not claim to represent the voice of all lettermen or speak on behalf of the Lettermen’s Club.

The same holds true for the coaches, faculty members and board members who have chosen to defend the university. These men are all individuals.

It is no surprise that the power bloc of the board of trustees has successfully bullied Peter Khoury, the student board member named in the suit, to back away and has attempted to convince the other members to withdraw.

They are citing a “conflict” with regard to these board members’ participation.

We have all witnessed some major “conflicts” during the past 21 months; such as the board allowing Penn State to assume blame for a cover-up that did not exist and paying out millions of dollars to victims before a trial has taken place.

Wasn’t it a “conflict” when the board hired Louis Freeh to sanctimoniously act as judge and jury, with no credible evidence, and allowing the NCAA to use his bogus report to punish innocent members of the football program and to tarnish the university’s reputation?

When the board fails to uphold and defend the university and does not satisfactorily perform its fiduciary duty, that is the worst conflict of all.

Ciel Masella, Columbus, N.J.