Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Target gun safety

What we learned this past week:

A brave, intelligent and determined woman without a gun can and did protect a school full of children and their teachers from a severely mentally ill man with a loaded assault weapon and 500 rounds of ammunition.

The young man entered the school by slipping in behind someone authorized to enter, thus defeating the security system in place.

When parents leave loaded guns accessible and allow their children to play violent video games, it can and did lead to an 8-year-old intentionally killing his 90-year-old care-giver the other day.

If adults can be held liable for enabling underage youngsters to gain access to alcohol, what legal remedies do we need in place to hold gun owners accountable if they do not keep legally obtained guns unloaded and locked away when not being used for legitimate reasons, such as hunting or target shooting?

Most often it is not criminals but the mentally ill who have perpetrated mass murders. It is people who do not keep their legally obtained weapons unloaded and locked away that have led to the deaths of so many of our citizens by suicide, accidental shootings or shots fired in the heat of an argument.

Please contact Rep. Glenn Thompson and demand that he vote for comprehensive gun-safety legislation in the House of Representatives, including universal background checks and penalties for legal gun owners who do not ensure their guns are stored and used safely.

Deborah Klevans, State College