Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Pay attention

If anyone thinks alumni anger with the Penn State board of trustees has anything to do with football, they’re not paying attention.

The world thinks Penn State is responsible for Jerry Sandusky’s crimes — not the state agencies that repeatedly approved him to adopt and foster children, not The Second Mile and not the attorney general.

We are angry because the board has not fought this perception. We’re angry because we’ve seen that the media and a corrupt board can destroy a university’s — and a man’s — legacy and reputation with no due process.

We’re angry because the board says we must focus on everything that makes Penn State great, not just football — as though that wasn’t what Paterno did for 60 years.

Paterno is largely responsible for our standing as a great academic institution — he fought for improving our educational prowess as much as he did for our football prowess. He promised his recruits’ parents that they would graduate, not that they would play.

What made me proud of our football program was the fact that its coach put education before football; he put being a better person before football.

I don’t bemoan the loss of our football greatness, I bemoan the injustice done to my university and a man — perpetrated and perpetuated by our board of trustees.

We’re angry about lack of due process and allowing punishments that the NCAA had no legal or moral standing to inflict — all of it. Not just football.

Liz Bligan, Wayne