Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | It’s just common sense

About 40 years ago, the mental health community stopped referring to homosexual behavior as a mental disease or mental disorder.

The next phase saw the phrase “deviant behavior” to describe homosexual activity. The deviant behavior reference lasted for decades.

The 2003 Texas sodomy case ruling was a landmark decision that rippled throughout our country and started many citizens thinking about this behavior.

Just a few years ago, the percentage of adult Americans who did not agree with a same-sex marriage law was well more than 50 percent. The California vote is a good example. But attorneys, judges and politicians at every level did a real sales job in changing opinion.

All of a sudden the percentage of citizens polled actually accepting homosexual marriage was nearly 50 percent.

Now, a dozen or so states have passed laws making same-sex marriage legal. Many good, everyday citizens refuse to take a stand for or against the laws passed.

I once learned that what trumps philosophy as a social science is common sense.

To me, for many reasons, same-sex marriage makes no sense, and no benefits should be granted to those “couples.”

I hope same-sex marriage is never the law in Pennsylvania. The “pursuit of happiness” is a stretch.

James T. Decker, Boalsburg