Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | The reality is upon us

For years, the scientific evidence for climate change has been getting stronger and stronger. This is no hoax, contrary to the lies from conservative talk and conservative foundations.

Conservatives and fossil-fuel interests, as well as a fair percentage of the population, are in denial.

The evidence has been clear for years, but now, due to our lack of action worldwide, we are exceeding the worst-case scenario of carbon dioxide accumulation and are now projected to increase temperature by an average of 8.1 degrees worldwide, which means closer to 12.6 degrees on land masses or more in the coming decades.

So far we’ve seen a 0.8 degree warming, and the consequences of that are becoming evident. It will be very difficult to alter the trajectory.

We pride ourselves as a can-do species, but we enjoy our lifestyle, greed and complacency with denial being our best friend.

Corporations and big-money interests have corrupted our media, so the message really doesn’t get out. Conservative government officials are only interested in getting re-elected. They pander to what the people want to hear, fearing talk-show hosts and fossil-fuel billionaires, and they fail to deal with reality.

We are a really pitiable species, destroying countless other species in the process. Change must come quickly, but it looks like it won’t come in time.

Doug Keith, State College