Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Options for the president

The question of what support the United States may give to the Syrian rebels is clouded in many respects.

Might not a great door of opportunity be offered — for the president and for our country — if his request for authorization from Congress to launch some sort of military strike were denied?

It is a fundamental fact that we have not the power to do what in the blurred vision of the present day we may be perceived to have undertaken to do.

The president should openly and realistically go before the world to set forth what are today the conditions on which the U.S. would take military action — when our national interests are attacked or threatened, and when we can usefully provide humanitarian aid (food, refugees), all on the continuation of our present policy of connection with nations around the world.

Such a shift or, if you will, clarification of our policy, would liberate the president and our government from present entrapments and be supported by a very large majority of people and governments around the world.

Philip Winsor, State College