Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Bellefonte would benefit

Developer Ara Kervandjian would “preserve the existing facade of the Garman Theatre” (CDT, Friday).

Don’t count on it.

By the article’s end, it seems he has no intention of doing so. Instead, he appears to be creating a smokescreen to divert us from the real prize: a revitalized Bellefonte that can feature and benefit from the truly historic original Garman Opera House.

Given new life as a regional arts center, the historic theater would reward the entire region with its acoustically superior theater (think symphony orchestra concerts, plays, special events and more).

No rented space in Kervandjian’s proposed building could possibly give Bellefonte anything remotely comparable.

The original Garman truly is Bellefonte’s gem. Restore it and operate it properly, and Bellefonte will benefit. It’s here today and much too easily gone tomorrow.

Civic-minded Bellefonte residents and business people should immediately pledge serious funds to save the Garman. Tomorrow may be too late.

Arthur Curtze

Port Matilda