Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Take note, administrators

A video about the history of Beaver Stadium was shown at the first home football game.

A clip came on screen of Joe Paterno, and for one second the crowd erupted in cheers.

That short celebration should be a sign to Penn State administrators. Those cheers were for a man we all revered, and we want the opportunity to remember and honor him.

The administration needs to forget the press, the NCAA and all the judgment and let the fans have their moment. We won’t “move ahead” unless we honor the past.

Look around on a Saturday home game. For every T-shirt worn, about seven out of 10 say something about Paterno.

“Thank You Joe” or “WE ARE because HE WAS,” etc. We have no other way of honoring him.

Do it for the loyal Penn State fans — who save all year to buy season tickets, spend a lot in the State College community on a football weekend and send their kids to Penn State because it is a great academic institution — in part because of Paterno.

His statue has been taken away, his name is not spoken out loud, and we aren’t even allowed to sing a song that has the word “touch” in it.

All the power has been given over to someone sitting in a jail cell for the rest of his life. If we don’t do the right things now, he wins.

What a shame.

Carol Roman, Dunmore