Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | A place to call home

I appreciate the Centre Daily Times’ continued coverage of the debate about the future of the Garman Theatre.

I, too, believe that the arts bring value to a community.

However, I feel even more strongly that a community should be inclusive and accessible and provide affordable housing options to those whose household income is below the area median.

In recent years, two devastating fires have eliminated about 30 affordable housing units in downtown Bellefonte.

The developer who has purchased the Garman Theatre proposes to replenish the stock of affordable housing in that very neighborhood, and I applaud that.

The arts do bring value to a community, but so does housing that is accessible to low-wage earners.

In a region where affordable housing is on the decline, I support efforts to address the problem, and I hope others will join me.

Susanna Paul

State College

The writer is development and community relations coordinator for Housing Transitions Inc.