Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | It can happen there

Oklahoma State is just as guilty as every collegiate sports program ever accused and eventually convicted in a scandal.

I find it comical that Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, a record-setting player at Oklahoma State, is so naive to think a scandal couldn’t have happened right before his eyes, with him never seeing any of it or realizing he was a part.

As a Penn State student and lifelong fan, I feel compelled to tell Weeden that just because he wishes it didn’t happen, or denies it happened doesn’t mean the allegations aren’t true.

The Browns quarterback claims the Sports Illustrated reporter has an agenda against Oklahoma State because of alliances with rival Oklahoma — another comical remark.

Does he truly believe a team rivalry would be enough to investigate this scandal?

The comment that really made me laugh out loud, just as Weeden claims to have done when hearing about this situation, was, “Weeden … praised coach Mike Gundy for running a clean program.”

Many people praised Jerry Sandusky as a defensive coach.

You may think you know someone and that something like this will never happen to you or your favorite team, but it’s just a matter of time before it catches up to you.

Sarah Reese