Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | No longer nameless

In a misguided attempt to lessen the bigoted and often irrelevant comments online (instead of dealing with them on an individual basis), the CDT and its parent company, The McClatchy Co., have censored all readers’ opinions by limiting online comments to Facebook subscribers only.

Is Mark Zuckerberg paying for this?

I will be the first to admonish many of the online commenters, but the CDT and McClatchy have failed to rein them in and now have placed yet another blanket punishment on all because a few have been negligent.

This new online commenting system is a test that everyone should rail against.

People should be able to speak out without being subscribers of Facebook or any other social network.

If the CDT wants online comments restricted only to those who give their names and addresses, as required for letters to the editor, then that protocol should be used — not the Facebook protocol.

I have written this as a letter to the editor and am looking forward to comments from Facebook members and all readers.

Fight for our right to free speech — even when some of what people publish seems to be nonsense.

The CDT should not be allowed to restrict commenting to Facebook members.

Karen Andrus-Smith

Snow Shoe