Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Borough manager an asset to Philipsburg

Since Joel Watson became borough manager several months ago, many good things have happened in Philipsburg.

Signs that were purchased at a cost of $500 more than six years ago were finally installed. The signs supposedly had been misplaced or lost. Without hesitation, Watson was able to locate them and have them installed.

A gate that was disassembled and taken down by vandals was reinstalled and reinforced under the direction of Watson.

A large oak tree that fell as a result of a storm in May or June blocked a walkway on the Project 70 recreation area all summer long. Finally, after Watson became borough manager, the tree was cut up and removed.

Now walkers can use that area once again.

The painting of all the traffic lines, parking spaces and curbs has sure made downtown Philipsburg look a lot nicer.

Water inlets that have been in disrepair for some time are finally being repaired and upgraded.

Upgrades to the playground at Project 70 are now underway at the direction of Watson and the borough crew.

Watson, in his short tenure as Philipsburg borough manager, has proved himself to be a valued, hands-on and enthusiastic employee of the borough.

Thomas R. Boyd