Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Not so fast, Penn State

On Thursday, I read the self-serving email from Penn State regarding a “Catalyst for Change.”

I also had read the CDT editorial.

The current administration urges us to “never forget” and to “keep moving forward.”

I am too busy looking for the Joe Paterno statue and for the university to acknowledge that it threw Paterno under the team bus to “keep moving forward.”

I will never forget that.

The board of trustees and administration need to go; then I can move forward with the university.

I am moving forward with coach Bill O’Brien, with the football team, with my five-year commitment to season tickets and with my trip to Ireland with the football team next September.

I will not keep moving forward with the university until the university acknowledges the mishandling of the entire Sandusky situation, the politics of the board and what was done to Paterno.

The university administrators couldn’t care less if I move forward; what they seem to want is for me to forget. Trust me, I will not. And I am not alone.

Kim Denise Morton

West Chester