Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Exactly how much?

A recent Centre Daily Times editorial about the State College Area School District explained that “trust will be a factor when folks go into the polls in May to make a decision about the high school project.”

That is true.

There will be little trust in the high school project until the school board puts the total budget numbers on the blackboard.

Show the public the year-to-year and total tax-increase projection for the five-year impact of the high school project. Include not only the high school tax increase but also the Public School Employees’ Retirement System pension increase from 12 percent to 31 percent of salary and the annual operations budget.

The board knows that pension costs will likely exceed high school costs and should say so.

The school board has been asked repeatedly to do that in many different ways.

The board has the information to do that. It is the most-asked question at forums and public meetings and previous online CDT comments.

The school board ignores the question and answer at the peril of the referendum.

How much will total school property taxes increase every year for the next five years?

Don E. Gordon

Patton Township