Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Board must act

In response to the CDT editorial “Penn State becomes catalyst” (Sept. 15) that was referenced in an email from the Penn State Office of University Relations, once again, Penn State got it all wrong — just as it has since November 2011.

The email and the editorial completely missed the mark.

The Penn State president and board of trustees should be talking about the fact that the NCAA sanctions are unjust and should have never been imposed.

The NCAA did not follow its procedures, and due process is still pending for three Penn State administrators. In addition, recently, the lead prosecutor stated that he had found no evidence that Joe Paterno was involved in a cover-up.

President Rodney Erickson and the trustees continue to shirk their leadership and fiduciary responsibilities. Keith Masser, in July, said the Freeh report is “speculation.”

That statement came 12 months too late. Anyone with common sense who reads the report can see that it is speculation.

Erickson should never have signed the consent decree, and it is time for the board of trustees to renounce the NCAA sanctions and the Freeh report and to formally ask for all NCAA sanctions to be removed.

If the NCAA won’t do this, then it is time (regardless of what the consent decree says) for the Penn State president and entire board to take legal action.

Anything less is another failure by Penn State.

John R. Diercks

Fairfax Station, Va.