Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Let film enlighten you

Penn State’s conversion of the west campus power plant from coal to gas is based on the EPA’s greenhouse-gas emissions regulations.

Gas burns cleaner than coal. However, when the complete carbon footprint of shale gas is considered, it can be greater than that of coal. Methane leaking from frack sites is far more detrimental than CO2 to climate disruption.

The high-pressure pipeline through campus to the middle of town is a safety hazard to us all and violates the Community Bill of Rights.

Shale gas is known to contain radioactive components. This puts public safety and welfare at risk and has not been studied sufficiently by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental protection.

Penn State has the research and fundraising capabilities to become a world leader in a sustainable-energy future and set a terrific example for our nation.

Solar, wind and geothermal is the direction we must take to protect all life on Earth.

Unfortunately, it seems frack dollars mean more to Penn State than a healthy community and planet.

CHP (combined heat and power), which the university touts, is meaningless when half the buildings on campus leak heat like a sieve through single-pane windows!

Those interested in the fate of our planet and climate disruption, should encourage Penn State to go with alternatives.

To learn more about global warming, see the film “Chasing Ice” on Saturday at the State Theatre. It’s a beautiful, succinct picture of what the burning of fossil fuels is doing to damage Earth.

Pam Steckler, State College