Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Hidden Agenda?

Lately, large sums of money have been confiscated by the District’s Attorney’s Office.

This should be a time to applaud the office and our law enforcement agencies for doing such a spectacular job fighting crime in our communities.

However, it appears that Centre County Commissioner Chris Exarchos would rather make public insinuations, not based on any proof, directed toward the District Attorney’s Office.

In “Drug money seizure check opens oversight debate” (CDT, Sept. 20) Exarchos made what could be perceived to be a veiled accusation concerning the use of this money by the DA’s Office.

He said, “ I’m not suggesting it’s happening, but anytime you have a lot money with no oversight, there’s a potential for abuse.”

If Exarchos is “not suggesting it’s happening,” then why suggest it at all?

The money “having no oversight” is untrue. Controller Chuck Witmer and the Attorney General’s Office scrutinize these transactions. “A potential for abuse” does not mean a crime has been committed. So, where’s the debate?

Unlike Exarchos, District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller answered these accusations with facts. Maybe Exarchos has an ulterior motive for putting pressure on the DA”s Office.

“I’m not suggesting this is happening, but. ...”

Anytime a public official is compromised by a family member’s involvement in a drug-related crime, that official has to choose sides.

Whose side is Exarchos on?

Sandra Capparelle, Howard