Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Vote for experience

Penns Valley voters have an opportunity to continue on the path of low taxes and high academic performance in the upcoming election for school board directors.

Chris Houser, Jeff Hyde and Amy Niewinski have records of accomplishment and experience and deserve our votes.

The contrasts between these three and their challengers are clearly evident in the recent candidates forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

Hyde and Niewinski are each running against one challenger for a single seat.

However, Houser is running against two challengers for a total of two at-large seats.

This means that if you cast “up to” two votes, as the ballot states, or if you vote party line, your second vote will counteract your vote for Houser.

Therefore, I urge all voters who recognize the hard work and dedication Houser has shown in support of academic excellence and fiscal responsibility in the Penns Valley Area School District to vote only for Houser for school director (four-year at large) and not cast the second vote.

Good-quality schools and low taxes benefit all residents of the district, and Houser, Hyde and Niewinski have the experience, vision and temperament to keep us on this path.

Betsy Quigley,Spring Mills