Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Was Sandusky framed?

I am a 1966 graduate of Penn State, and I recently read John Ziegler’s article on the Jerry Sandusky case, “The Story of How We Got Here: The Bombshells Which Never Went Off.”

In it, Ziegler raises multiple issues that indicate that Sandusky may be the victim of a rush-to-judgment witch hunt.

Why do people and the mass media just allow alleged victims (and, in some cases, their mothers) to get away with whatever they say without question?

However, there is tremendous scrutiny to anything Sandusky and his family say.

According to Ziegler, it appears that Mike McQueary did not witness Sandusky molesting a child in the shower, as widely reported in the media. The police and lawyers were caught on tape planning how to lead their witness, as they had led others, according to Ziegler.

The media have turned Sandusky into a veritable monster, and to defend him has meant being smeared with the same brush.

There are so many questions about all the allegations against him and how they developed. Ziegler’s article can be found at www.framingpaterno.com.

Donald E. Steinbacher, Kannapolis, N.C.