Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Speak for nature

As I write this, I am achingly sad. I had hoped for more. Wednesday night I attended the Penn State/Department of Environmental Protection public hearing at the State College Area High School South auditorium.

During the public comments session, I struggled to express the deep concern I hold over the course Penn State is taking in converting the coal-fired West Campus plant to gas from northern Pennsylvanian hydro-fracking.

I echo support for the articulate and well-researched comments of other speakers. Every energy choice we now make that is not, first, fast-paced action to conserve and, secondarily, converting to the most efficient, least polluting blend of renewable technologies, is a choice that leads to a damned future.

Should Penn State go forward with conversion to gas, I believe Penn State and the State College community will view this choice in hindsight as similarly negative as the Sandusky debacle. There are parallels: abuse of children from a more powerful authority figure and abuse of nature, which also has no voice.

Abused children, thankfully, do grow up to have voices and power of their own; they hire lawyers, engage in legal battles and win settlements. Nature remains mute, but the abuse festers and the very planet, source of all our resources, economic and life-giving, goes dangerously out of ecological balance.

It is no contest that nature will have a last laugh settlement. Please, stand and speak for the voice of our native fields, streams and forests, and a livable future for our grandchildren.

Jackie Bonomo, Lemont