Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Help kids reach promise

In celebration of Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children Month, our family traveled to Harrisburg in October to share with the Early Childhood Education Caucus and legislators why we believe good-quality early learning needs to be a priority for Pennsylvania.

Our daughter Sophia is only 11 months old and attends Growing in Faith, an early-learning education program in Bellefonte. It is certified as a Keystone STARS level 4 program.

Sophia bounces to music, waves hello and claps. Her social interaction with other children is outstanding, and she is always happy to play. Communication with the program staff has been essential in learning how Sophia’s days have been. She gets to finger-paint weekly and brings home exciting artwork.

One thing I have learned on this journey is that our family is not alone. We all want our young children to reach their promise, but it takes the commitment of families, teachers, schools, communities and our elected officials to work together to give our children the opportunity to learn and to reach their full potential.

Every child is Pennsylvania’s future. Please visit www.papromiseforchildren.com for more information.

Perry and Jessica Rearick, Bellefonte